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Surrey Wedding Venues: Best Locations for Memorable Celebrations

Surrey, a picturesque county in the South East of England, offers a wealth of stunning wedding venues that provide the perfect backdrop for memorable celebrations. From sprawling estates to historic manor houses, couples are sure to find a venue that suits their style and vision. With its proximity to London and its abundance of natural beauty, Surrey has become a popular choice for couples seeking a destination wedding without straying too far from the capital city.

One of the standout wedding venues in Surrey is the esteemed Botleys Mansion. This grand Palladian mansion is set amidst 56 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, creating a truly enchanting setting for a wedding. Boasting elegant ceremony rooms, luxurious reception spaces, and even its own resident DJ and disco, Botleys Mansion offers couples an all-inclusive experience that is difficult to surpass.

For those seeking a more rustic and idyllic setting, Gate Street Barn is a popular choice. This charming 16th-century barn, nestled in the heart of the Surrey Hills, exudes rustic charm and natural beauty. Its exposed wooden beams, picturesque courtyard, and breathtaking countryside views make it a truly magical venue for couples who dream of a countryside wedding.

Whether couples desire a grand and elegant celebration or a rustic and intimate gathering, Surrey has a host of exquisite wedding venues to fulfill their desires. With its diverse range of locations, each with its own unique charm, couples are bound to find the perfect venue to create lasting memories on their special day.# Surrey Wedding Venues: Best Locations for Memorable Celebrations

Historic Venues

When it comes to hosting a truly unforgettable wedding celebration, a historic venue adds an unmatched charm and timeless elegance. Surrey is home to a wealth of remarkable historic venues that perfectly capture the essence of the region's rich heritage. Here are a few top choices for couples seeking a touch of historical elegance for their special day.

1. Hampton Court Palace

Nestled on the banks of the River Thames, Hampton Court Palace is an iconic venue that offers a spectacular backdrop for those seeking a regal wedding setting. With its stunning architecture, beautifully landscaped gardens, and captivating history dating back to the 16th century, this palace provides a unique and unforgettable experience. Couples can exchange vows in the opulent Great Hall or opt for a picturesque outdoor ceremony in the Fountain Garden.

2. Loseley Park

Loseley Park, a magnificent manor house surrounded by breathtaking gardens, offers an enchanting setting for couples in search of a romantic and intimate wedding venue. Built in the 16th century, this historic gem boasts intricate Elizabethan architecture, making it a picturesque backdrop for ceremonies and reception celebrations. The elegant Great Hall provides a grand ambience, while the tiled Drawing Room offers a more intimate space for smaller gatherings.

3. Painshill Park

For nature lovers, Painshill Park provides a stunning blend of natural beauty and historical features. This 18th-century landscape garden offers picturesque venues such as the Gothic Temple, Crystal Grotto, and Vineyard. Couples can choose to say their vows surrounded by serene lakes, rolling hills, and enchanting follies. The park's timeless beauty guarantees an extraordinary wedding experience.

4. Botleys Mansion

Located in Chertsey, Botleys Mansion is a magnificent Palladian-style mansion that exudes grandeur and sophistication. This meticulously restored 18th-century venue features opulent interiors, luxurious accommodations, and extensive grounds. The lavish Marble Hall, with its ornate columns and crystal chandeliers, makes for a striking ceremony location. The beautifully landscaped gardens, dotted with fountains and sculptures, offer endless options for stunning wedding photographs.

These historic venues in Surrey provide a captivating blend of old-world charm, architectural splendor, and enchanting surroundings. From palaces to manor houses, each location offers a unique atmosphere that will ensure a wedding celebration befitting the occasion. Whether couples seek regal opulence or rustic elegance, the historic venues of Surrey are guaranteed to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Outdoor Locations

When it comes to hosting a memorable wedding celebration in Surrey, outdoor venues offer a captivating and picturesque setting. With its stunning natural landscapes and charming countryside, Surrey boasts a range of outdoor locations that are perfect for couples looking to exchange vows amidst breathtaking scenery. Here are some of the best outdoor wedding venues in Surrey:

1. Penshurst Place

  • Located in the heart of the Kent countryside, Penshurst Place is an enchanting outdoor wedding venue that exudes history and elegance. With its immaculate gardens, picturesque terraces, and beautiful architecture, Penshurst Place provides a romantic backdrop for any wedding celebration.

2. Gate Street Barn

  • Nestled in the Surrey Hills, Gate Street Barn offers a secluded and rustic setting for outdoor weddings. This converted barn venue features extensive grounds, a stunning courtyard, and panoramic views of the countryside. Its flexible outdoor space can accommodate both intimate ceremonies and larger receptions.

3. Ridge Farm

  • Set amidst 16 acres of rolling countryside, Ridge Farm provides a tranquil and idyllic location for outdoor weddings. With its charming courtyard, picturesque gardens, and panoramic views, this venue offers couples the opportunity to create their dream outdoor celebration.

4. Wotton House

  • Surrounded by beautiful grounds, Wotton House offers a truly breathtaking setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Its extensive gardens feature ornamental lakes, secret gardens, and a temple folly, providing an enchanting atmosphere for couples and their guests.

5. Froyle Park

  • A magnificent country estate, Froyle Park offers a grand and elegant outdoor wedding experience. With its manicured gardens, stunning views, and historic architecture, this venue provides a truly majestic backdrop for couples seeking a sophisticated celebration.

When planning an outdoor wedding, it is essential to consider factors such as weather conditions, accessibility, and backup options in case of inclement weather. Additionally, couples may want to explore the availability of marquees or tents for added comfort and convenience.

By choosing one of Surrey's remarkable outdoor venues, couples can create a memorable celebration surrounded by breathtaking scenery and natural beauty.

Barns and Farmhouses

The charming rustic appeal of barns and farmhouses makes them popular choices for wedding venues in Surrey. These unique settings provide a picturesque backdrop for couples looking to create a memorable celebration. Whether it's the exposed beams, open spaces, or sprawling countryside views, barns and farmhouses offer a warm and intimate atmosphere for weddings.

  1. Rustic Elegance: Surrey boasts several stunning barns and farmhouses that have been lovingly restored to showcase their original features while offering modern amenities. These venues strike the perfect balance between rustic charm and contemporary elegance, allowing couples to create a personalized wedding aesthetic.

  2. Versatility: One of the key advantages of barns and farmhouses is their versatility. With their expansive interiors and beautiful outdoor spaces, these venues can accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations. Some venues even offer the option of hosting both the ceremony and reception on-site, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for couples and their guests.

  3. Scenic Surroundings: Barns and farmhouses in Surrey are often nestled amidst picturesque countryside landscapes. From rolling hills to tranquil lakes, these venues allow couples to exchange their vows against a backdrop of natural beauty. The scenic surroundings add an enchanting touch to the wedding photos, capturing those precious moments in a truly breathtaking setting.

  4. Customization: Barns and farmhouses provide a blank canvas for couples to unleash their creativity. The open layouts and neutral color palettes offer endless possibilities for decorations, allowing couples to infuse their own personal style into their wedding. Whether it's hanging fairy lights, floral arrangements, or rustic centerpieces, these venues provide the perfect backdrop for bringing any wedding vision to life.

  5. Guest Experience: Barns and farmhouses often offer additional amenities for guests to enjoy. From outdoor terraces and gardens to cozy fireplaces and lounges, these venues ensure that guests are comfortable and entertained throughout the celebration. With ample space to socialize and explore, guests can truly immerse themselves in the wedding festivities.


Advantages of Barns and Farmhouses
Rustic Elegance
Scenic Surroundings
Guest Experience

In conclusion, barns and farmhouses in Surrey offer a unique and charming setting for couples seeking a memorable wedding venue. With their rustic elegance, versatility, scenic surroundings, and customization options, these venues provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration.

Luxury Hotels

When it comes to hosting a wedding in Surrey, luxury hotels offer an unparalleled experience of elegance and sophistication. These venues provide a beautiful setting for couples looking to celebrate their special day in style. With their exceptional facilities and impeccable service, Surrey's luxury hotels make for unforgettable wedding celebrations.

The Grand Hotel is one such venue that stands out as a top choice for couples seeking luxury. Situated in the heart of Surrey, this hotel boasts stunning architecture and breathtaking views, making it an ideal location for a dream wedding. The Grand Hotel offers a variety of luxurious event spaces, including grand ballrooms and intimate gardens, allowing couples to create their perfect wedding ambiance. With experienced wedding planners on hand, every detail is meticulously taken care of, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable celebration.

The Manor House is another exquisite choice for couples seeking opulent surroundings for their wedding. This luxurious hotel combines classic charm with modern amenities, creating a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. The Manor House offers stunning indoor and outdoor event spaces, allowing couples to choose from a range of beautiful settings for their ceremony and reception. From the moment guests step into this enchanting venue, they are welcomed with impeccable service and attention to detail, ensuring a truly remarkable wedding experience.

The Lodge at Farnham Castle is a hidden gem nestled in the picturesque countryside of Surrey. This historic hotel offers a unique blend of history, charm, and luxury. With its stunning architecture, beautifully landscaped gardens, and panoramic views, The Lodge at Farnham Castle provides an idyllic backdrop for a fairytale wedding. The venue offers several elegant event spaces, including a magnificent Great Hall and a stylish courtyard, providing couples with a range of options to create their perfect celebration. The dedicated wedding team at The Lodge ensures that every aspect of the day is flawlessly executed, leaving couples and their guests with lasting memories.

Table: Luxury Hotel Wedding Venues in Surrey

Venue Location Capacity Features
The Grand Hotel City Center 200+ Grand ballrooms, stunning views
The Manor House Suburban 100-200 Classic charm, indoor and outdoor spaces
The Lodge at Farnham Countryside 50-100 Historic venue, picturesque gardens

In summary, luxury hotels in Surrey provide an exceptional wedding experience, offering stunning venues, meticulous service, and a one-of-a-kind ambiance. Couples can expect nothing less than a memorable celebration when choosing to wed in these opulent establishments.

Gardens and Estates

Surrey offers a magnificent selection of gardens and estates that serve as exquisite wedding venues. These stunning locations provide couples with the perfect setting for their special day, combining natural beauty with a touch of grandeur. Here are some of the best gardens and estates in Surrey that ensure memorable celebrations:

  1. Painshill Park: Nestled in a picturesque landscape, Painshill Park boasts an array of idyllic gardens and breathtaking vistas. With its serene lakes, romantic follies, and ancient woodlands, this 18th-century landscape garden offers a truly enchanting ambiance for weddings. Couples can exchange vows in the romantic vineyard or opt for a marquee reception on the manicured lawns, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

  2. Penshurst Place: Steeped in history and charm, Penshurst Place is a captivating estate that transports couples back in time. This medieval manor house, surrounded by meticulously maintained gardens, provides a quintessentially English backdrop for weddings. Whether exchanging vows in the historic Baron's Hall or hosting a reception at the elegant outdoor marquee, Penshurst Place ensures a truly magical celebration.

  3. Loseley Park: Set in the heart of the Surrey countryside, Loseley Park combines timeless elegance with natural splendor. The enchanting gardens, designed by renowned landscape architect Gertrude Jekyll, create a captivating atmosphere for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The regal Great Hall, adorned with exquisite tapestries and works of art, provides a majestic indoor option for couples seeking a touch of grandeur.

  4. Hampton Court Palace: As one of the most iconic historic landmarks in England, Hampton Court Palace offers a truly majestic setting for weddings. The palace's spectacular gardens, including the iconic Privy Garden and the formal Knot Garden, provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for ceremonies and photographs. Couples can also opt for a reception in one of the magnificent palace rooms, ensuring an unforgettable celebration steeped in grandeur.

  5. Wotton House: Surrounded by 13 acres of pristine gardens, Wotton House is a luxury wedding venue that exudes elegance and sophistication. The picturesque Italian gardens and terraces create a charming ambiance for outdoor ceremonies, while the elegant suites within the grand Grade II listed mansion offer sumptuous indoor options. With its stunning landscapes and opulent interiors, Wotton House guarantees a memorable wedding celebration.

In summary, Surrey's gardens and estates offer an array of magnificent wedding venues, each with its own unique charm and beauty. Whether couples are seeking a tranquil outdoor ceremony or a regal indoor setting, these locations provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable celebrations.

Waterfront Venues

Surrey, with its picturesque landscapes and charming waterways, offers a delightful selection of waterfront venues for couples seeking a memorable wedding celebration. Whether you envision exchanging vows against the backdrop of tranquil lakes, meandering rivers, or serene ponds, Surrey has the perfect setting to make your special day truly unforgettable.

1. Lakeside Bliss

Imagine your wedding ceremony set against the breathtaking backdrop of a shimmering lake. Surrey boasts several stunning lakeside venues that offer both natural beauty and a touch of serenity. From elegant manor houses with spacious lawns to charming garden pavilions nestled by the water's edge, these venues provide an idyllic setting for your romantic affair.

2. Riverside Romance

For those enchanted by the gentle flow of rivers, Surrey's riverside venues create a truly romantic atmosphere. Picture strolling along the riverbank with your loved one, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sound of water. The riverside venues in Surrey offer a blend of natural charm and elegant amenities, providing the perfect setting for a memorable wedding celebration.

3. Peaceful Ponds

For a more intimate and secluded experience, Surrey's venues set around peaceful ponds offer a tranquil setting for your special day. With their serene ambiance and reflective waters, these venues create a sense of calm and harmony. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views, you and your guests can revel in the beauty of nature while celebrating your love.

Whether you prefer the serenity of a lakeside venue, the romance of a riverside setting, or the tranquility of a pondside celebration, Surrey's waterfront venues will help you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Key Points
- Surrey offers a variety of waterfront venues for weddings
- Lakeside venues provide stunning views and serene backdrops
- Riverside venues offer a romantic atmosphere with gentle flowing waters
- Pondside venues create intimate and tranquil settings
- Couples can choose based on their preferences for ambiance and scenery

Intimate Spaces

When it comes to planning a wedding, finding the perfect venue is crucial in creating a memorable celebration. For those seeking a more intimate setting, Surrey offers a variety of charming and cozy spaces that provide an ideal backdrop for smaller weddings. From historic manor houses to rustic barns, here are some of the best intimate wedding venues in Surrey:

1. Manor Farm Barn

Manor Farm Barn, nestled in the heart of the Surrey countryside, is a stunning converted barn that exudes rustic charm. With its exposed beams and picturesque surroundings, this venue offers an intimate space for couples looking for a unique wedding experience. The barn can accommodate up to 150 guests, making it perfect for smaller gatherings.

2. Kingswood Golf & Country Club

Located in the stunning Surrey Hills, Kingswood Golf & Country Club offers an intimate wedding venue with breathtaking views. The clubhouse features elegant function rooms that can cater to wedding parties of up to 80 guests. The tranquil setting, combined with impeccable service, ensures a memorable and intimate celebration.

3. The Conservatory at Painshill Park

Surrounded by the beautifully landscaped Painshill Park, The Conservatory is a charming venue that can accommodate up to 80 guests. Its glass walls and ceiling allow natural light to flood in, creating a romantic ambiance. With the park providing a stunning backdrop, couples can exchange their vows in an intimate and picturesque setting.

4. Clock Barn Hall

Clock Barn Hall, a rustic barn venue nestled in the Surrey countryside, offers a warm and intimate atmosphere for weddings. With its oak beams, vaulted ceiling, and picturesque courtyard, it provides a charming setting for couples seeking an intimate celebration. The barn can accommodate up to 120 guests, ensuring a cozy and memorable experience.

5. Loseley Park

Loseley Park, a stunning Elizabethan mansion and estate, offers a range of intimate spaces for weddings. The Great Hall, with its grand fireplace and historic charm, provides an elegant setting for ceremonies. The Tithe Barn, surrounded by charming gardens, can accommodate up to 100 guests, making it ideal for intimate receptions.

These intimate wedding venues in Surrey offer a charming and romantic ambiance, providing couples with the perfect setting for a memorable celebration. Whether it's a rustic barn or an elegant manor house, these venues cater to smaller guest lists, ensuring an intimate experience that will be etched in the memories of the newlyweds and their loved ones.

Alternative Options

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue in Surrey, there are a plethora of options available for couples looking to add a unique twist to their special day. While the traditional venues may offer charm and elegance, exploring alternative options can provide an unforgettable experience that sets your celebration apart from the rest. Here are a few alternative options worth considering:

  1. Outdoor Spaces: Surrey is blessed with an abundance of picturesque parks, gardens, and manor estates that serve as breathtaking backdrops for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Whether it's a charming garden adorned with colorful blooms or a majestic estate nestled amidst rolling hills, outdoor venues offer a romantic and enchanting ambiance.

  2. Historic Sites: For couples who appreciate the allure of history, Surrey boasts a rich cultural heritage with numerous historical sites that double as unique wedding venues. Choose from centuries-old castles, manor houses, or even a restored mill with rustic charm. These venues not only offer a stunning setting but also provide a sense of grandeur and a story to tell.

  3. Alternative Event Spaces: Thinking outside the box can lead to discovering unconventional wedding venues that leave a lasting impression. Consider art galleries, vineyards, converted barns, or even a museum as a backdrop for your big day. These spaces offer a contemporary twist and allow for creativity in styling and décor.

  4. Luxurious Hotels: While unconventional, luxury hotels can offer a touch of opulence and an extensive array of amenities that cater to every wedding requirement. With elegant ballrooms, fine dining options, and impeccable service, these venues provide all the conveniences of a traditional wedding venue with a modern twist.

  5. Quirky & Unique Venues: For those couples who dare to be different, Surrey has a range of quirky and unique wedding venues that are guaranteed to make a statement. From rustic barns to unconventional industrial spaces, these venues are ideal for couples seeking a non-traditional setting that showcases their personalities.

In conclusion, when planning a wedding in Surrey, exploring alternative venue options can result in a truly memorable celebration. From picturesque outdoor spaces to historic sites, luxurious hotels to quirky and unique locations, couples have a wide variety of options to choose from. Whatever the style or theme, these alternative venues provide the ingredients for an extraordinary and unforgettable wedding day.

Markdown Reason
Surrey is blessed with an abundance of parks, gardens, and manor estates. Highlights outdoor options
Historic sites in Surrey provide a sense of grandeur and a story to tell. Emphasizes historical venues
Art galleries, vineyards, and converted barns offer an unconventional twist. Mentions creativity and contemporary style
Luxury hotels provide opulence, amenities, and impeccable service. Highlights convenience and modern luxury
Quirky and unique venues showcase personalities and make a statement. Emphasizes non-traditional options

Accessible Venues

When it comes to planning a wedding, accessibility is an important consideration for many couples. Ensuring that all guests can easily navigate the venue is crucial for creating a memorable celebration. Fortunately, Surrey offers a range of wedding venues that prioritize accessibility, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the special day.

1. Venue A
- Venue A stands out as one of the most accessible wedding venues in Surrey.
- Equipped with ramps, wide doorways, and accessible restrooms, it caters to guests with mobility challenges.
- It also provides ample parking spaces close to the entrance, ensuring convenience for all attendees.

2. Venue B
- Venue B goes above and beyond to make their space accessible for all guests.
- With an elevator to access different levels, individuals with mobility issues can easily navigate the venue.
- The venue features designated accessible seating areas, providing comfort and ease of movement during the event.

3. Venue C
- Venue C is renowned for its commitment to inclusivity.
- The venue provides wheelchair ramps, elevators, and accessible parking spaces to accommodate guests with varying mobility needs.
- Staff members are trained to assist guests with disabilities, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

4. Venue D
- Venue D makes accessibility a priority.
- It features accessible entrances with no steps, allowing guests using mobility aids to enter and move freely.
- The venue also offers accessible restrooms with grab rails and ample space to maneuver comfortably.

In addition to these venues, Surrey boasts a wide selection of other accessible wedding locations. Couples can choose from a variety of settings, including historic buildings, picturesque gardens, and modern event spaces, knowing that their guests' accessibility needs will be met.

By selecting an accessible wedding venue, couples can guarantee that their loved ones, regardless of physical abilities, can fully enjoy the celebration. Accessibility features such as ramps, elevators, and designated seating areas demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity, making the wedding day truly memorable for all attendees.

Table: Accessibility Features of Surrey Wedding Venues

Venue Accessibility Features
Venue A Ramps, wide doorways, accessible restrooms, ample parking
Venue B Elevator, designated seating areas
Venue C Wheelchair ramps, elevators, accessible parking, trained staff
Venue D Accessible entrances with no steps, accessible restrooms with grab rails


Surrey offers a plethora of stunning wedding venues that are sure to make any celebration truly memorable. With its picturesque landscapes, elegant architecture, and charming countryside setting, this county has become a sought-after destination for couples looking to tie the knot in style.

Throughout this article, we have explored some of the best wedding venues Surrey has to offer. From grand manor houses to idyllic barns and luxurious hotels, each location boasts its own unique charm and character, ensuring that couples can find the perfect setting to say I do.

Here are the key highlights to keep in mind when considering Surrey wedding venues:

  1. Diverse Range of Choices: Surrey offers a wide array of wedding venues, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you envision a traditional ceremony in an opulent castle or a rustic outdoor celebration in a charming barn, you can find it all in Surrey.

  2. Stunning Natural Beauty: The county is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, including rolling hills, expansive gardens, and meandering rivers. Many venues capitalize on this, providing stunning backdrops for wedding photography and creating a romantic ambiance for the special day.

  3. Convenience: Surrey's proximity to London and excellent transportation links make it an easily accessible wedding destination for both local and international guests. This accessibility ensures that loved ones can join in the celebration without any hassle.

  4. Quality Service and Amenities: Surrey wedding venues pride themselves on providing exceptional service. Couples can expect dedicated wedding coordinators, experienced staff, and a range of amenities to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event.

  5. Tailored Packages: Many venues offer customizable packages to suit individual needs and budgets. Whether couples desire an intimate gathering or a large-scale celebration, Surrey venues can accommodate their specific requirements, ensuring a truly personalized experience.

From historical landmarks to contemporary spaces, Surrey wedding venues incorporate the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, creating an enchanting atmosphere for couples and guests alike.

In conclusion, Surrey boasts an impressive selection of wedding venues that are sure to leave a lasting impression. With its stunning settings, impeccable service, and convenient location, it continues to be a top choice for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding celebration.

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