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Wasing Park: A Stunning Countryside Estate for Your Dream Wedding

Nestled in the heart of the English countryside, Wasing Park is a captivating estate that offers a picturesque setting for your dream wedding. With its stunning gardens, historic buildings, and idyllic surroundings, this venue provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration. Whether you envision an intimate ceremony or a grand affair, Wasing Park has the versatility to cater to your every need.

Dating back to the 18th century, Wasing Park exudes a timeless charm that seamlessly combines traditional elegance with modern amenities. The estate boasts a range of venues to suit different preferences and party sizes, including the magnificent Castle Barn, the charming Garden Room, and the rustic Wasing Barn. Each space can be customized to reflect your unique vision, providing endless possibilities to create an atmosphere that perfectly captures the essence of your love story.

Beyond its stunning event spaces, Wasing Park offers an abundance of scenic outdoor areas, allowing you and your guests to immerse yourselves in nature's beauty. The estate is home to enchanting gardens, charming water features, and breathtaking woodlands, providing endless photo opportunities and memorable moments. Whether you choose to exchange vows in the elegant period church or bask in the sunlight within the idyllic Secret Walled Garden, Wasing Park promises an enchanting and romantic experience that will leave lasting impressions on you and your guests.## The History of Wasing Park

Wasing Park, an exquisite countryside estate located in Berkshire, England, boasts a rich and captivating history that spans several centuries. This historical landmark, nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, provides a stunning backdrop for couples seeking a dream wedding experience. Let us delve into the captivating story of Wasing Park.

  1. Origins of Wasing Park:
    The origins of Wasing Park can be traced back to the 18th century when it was originally built as a private estate. The current mansion, known as Wasing House, was constructed in the Georgian style during the early 19th century, while the estate itself dates back even further.

  2. Medieval Roots:
    The history of Wasing Park stretches back to the medieval period, with records of its existence dating as far back as the 12th century. Originally a monastic grange affiliated with the nearby Abingdon Abbey, the estate later passed into private hands following the Dissolution of the Monasteries. The medieval era influenced the architecture of Wasing House, with the incorporation of Gothic elements still visible today.

  3. Earlier Structures:
    Before the construction of Wasing House, it is believed that there were earlier structures on the site. Archaeological excavations have uncovered hints of a Saxon settlement, suggesting that the land has been inhabited for centuries.

  4. Changing Ownership:
    Throughout its history, Wasing Park has changed hands numerous times, with different influential families leaving their mark on the estate. Notable owners have included the De La Beche family, the Montagu-Douglas-Scotts, and the Mount family, who have all contributed to the preservation and enhancement of Wasing Park's unique allure.

  5. Restoration and Transformation:
    In recent years, Wasing Park has undergone extensive restoration and transformation, ensuring that its historical charm is carefully preserved while offering modern amenities. The estate now features a range of luxury accommodations, including beautiful barn venues, charming cottages, and a blissful honeymoon suite.

Wasing Park stands today as a testament to its vibrant past, seamlessly blending old-world charm with contemporary elegance. For couples seeking an enchanting wedding venue immersed in history and surrounded by idyllic natural beauty, Wasing Park is an exceptional choice.

Key Points
- Wasing Park originated in the 18th century as a private estate.
- Its medieval roots can be traced back to the 12th century when it was a monastic grange.
- The current mansion, Wasing House, was built in the early 19th century.
- The estate has changed ownership multiple times throughout history.
- Extensive restoration and transformation have made Wasing Park a luxurious wedding destination.

The Beauty of Wasing Park's Countryside Setting

Nestled amidst the picturesque Berkshire countryside, Wasing Park offers an idyllic setting for couples seeking a stunning estate for their dream wedding. The breathtaking beauty of its countryside setting serves as a captivating backdrop, creating unforgettable memories for all who visit.

Tranquil Surroundings

Wasing Park's countryside location provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere, enveloping guests in the tranquility only nature can offer. Lush green fields, rolling hills, and the gentle babble of the nearby river create a sense of harmony and relaxation. This enchanting ambiance sets the stage for a truly blissful wedding experience.

Natural Splendor

With its sprawling grounds extending across thousands of acres, Wasing Park embraces natural beauty at its finest. Ancient woodlands, vibrant wildflower meadows, and tranquil lakes blend seamlessly, forming a captivating tapestry that showcases the diverse wonders of the English countryside.

Gardens in Bloom

Delighting the senses, the meticulously manicured gardens at Wasing Park are a feast for the eyes. Fragrant roses, vibrant blooms, and lush foliage decorate the landscape, lending a touch of elegance and romance to every corner of the estate. Couples can exchange vows amidst the fragrant blossoms, creating cherished memories in a setting that epitomizes natural splendor.

Picturesque Venues

Wasing Park offers a variety of picturesque venues that perfectly blend with the surrounding countryside. From the enchanting Victorian Summerhouse, providing panoramic views of the estate, to the rustic and charming Castle Barn, each space is thoughtfully designed to showcase the beauty of the countryside while providing a comfortable and enchanting setting for wedding celebrations.

Endless Photo Opportunities

The vast and diverse countryside at Wasing Park offers an abundance of photo opportunities for capturing timeless moments. Couples can wander hand-in-hand along tree-lined paths, pose against the backdrop of a tranquil lake, or embrace amidst a sea of wildflowers. These captivating settings serve as magical backdrops for creating stunning wedding albums that will be cherished for a lifetime.

In the heart of the Berkshire countryside, Wasing Park's countryside setting provides a breathtaking canvas for couples envisioning a dream wedding immersed in natural beauty. This enchanting estate captures the essence of tranquility and elegance, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every couple and their guests.

Unique Wedding Venues at Wasing Park

Wasing Park offers a collection of unique and picturesque wedding venues that are sure to make your special day truly unforgettable. Nestled within the stunning Berkshire countryside, this exclusive estate provides a range of options to suit every couple's taste and style. From elegant and historic buildings to charming outdoor spaces, Wasing Park has something for everyone.

1. The Castle Barn

  • The Castle Barn is a grand and enchanting venue that dates back to the 15th century, adding a touch of history and sophistication to your wedding celebrations.
  • The beautiful oak beams and high ceilings create a magical atmosphere, perfect for a romantic ceremony or a lavish reception.
  • With its capacity to accommodate up to 150 guests, the Castle Barn provides a spacious and versatile setting for your big day.
  • The courtyard adjacent to the barn offers a delightful outdoor space, ideal for al fresco drinks receptions or capturing those precious wedding photographs.

2. The Garden Room

  • The Garden Room is a contemporary and stylish venue, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows that provide panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
  • This light and airy space can accommodate up to 150 guests, making it ideal for both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations.
  • The Garden Room's modern design and neutral color scheme allow couples to personalize the space to suit their own unique vision.
  • A private terrace overlooks the walled garden, providing an inviting outdoor area to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the estate.

3. The Victorian Summerhouse

  • For couples seeking an outdoor wedding ceremony in a picturesque setting, the Victorian Summerhouse is the perfect choice.
  • Set amidst the idyllic lakeside backdrop, the summerhouse offers a romantic and intimate space for exchanging vows.
  • The surrounding gardens and breathtaking natural beauty make for a stunning location for outdoor drinks receptions and photograph opportunities.
  • Suitable for up to 50 guests, the Victorian Summerhouse provides an intimate and enchanting setting for couples who appreciate the charm of the outdoors.

Wasing Park's range of unique wedding venues offers couples the flexibility to create their dream wedding in a truly remarkable setting. Whether you envision an intimate celebration or a grand affair, the estate's diverse and picturesque locations deliver an unforgettable backdrop for your special day.

Accommodation Options for Wedding Guests

When planning a wedding at Wasing Park, one of the key considerations is providing comfortable and convenient accommodation options for guests. Fortunately, Wasing Park offers a range of accommodation choices that cater to various preferences and budgets, ensuring that all wedding attendees can relax and enjoy their stay.

  1. The Stables: Located in a picturesque courtyard, The Stables provide charming and rustic accommodation for guests. These converted barns offer self-catering cottages with a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for those who desire a more intimate and independent experience.

  2. The Woodlands: If your wedding party includes nature enthusiasts, The Woodlands provide an excellent option. These enchanting, eco-friendly lodges nestled within the tranquil woods offer a unique and immersive experience. Guests can enjoy the beautiful surroundings while staying in sustainable accommodations.

  3. The Castle Barn: For those seeking a touch of luxury, The Castle Barn offers elegantly appointed suites with modern amenities. With comfortable beds, spacious living areas, and stylish interiors, these suites provide a serene retreat for guests to unwind after the festivities.

  4. Local Accommodation: In addition to the on-site options, Wasing Park is conveniently located near charming villages and towns that offer a variety of accommodation choices. Whether guests prefer boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, or traditional inns, there are numerous options available within a short distance from the venue.

As a way to elevate the wedding experience and ensure guests are well taken care of, Wasing Park can assist with recommending and coordinating the accommodation bookings for guests who prefer to stay off-site.

By offering diverse and well-appointed accommodation options, Wasing Park aims to provide guests with a memorable and comfortable stay during weddings. Whether attendees prefer the rustic charm of The Stables, the tranquility of The Woodlands, the luxury of The Castle Barn, or the convenience of local accommodations, there is something to suit every guest's preferences and needs at this stunning countryside estate.

Catering and Dining Experiences at Wasing Park

At Wasing Park, couples can look forward to a delightful culinary experience on their wedding day. The estate prides itself on its outstanding catering services and the wide range of dining options available to suit every taste and preference.

  1. Tailored Menus: Wasing Park's team of talented chefs works closely with couples to create customized menus that reflect their individuality and vision for the wedding. From elegant canapés to delectable three-course meals, the expert culinary team ensures that every dish is exquisitely prepared and beautifully presented.

  2. Local and Seasonal Ingredients: Emphasizing quality and sustainability, the culinary team at Wasing Park sources ingredients from local suppliers and utilizes seasonal produce whenever possible. With a commitment to supporting local farmers and businesses, guests can savor the flavors of the surrounding countryside while enjoying a sumptuous dining experience.

  3. Versatile Dining Spaces: Wasing Park offers a variety of unique and versatile dining spaces, allowing couples to choose the perfect setting for their wedding reception. Whether it's an intimate gathering in The Castle Barn, a grand banquet in The Garden Room, or an alfresco celebration in The Secret Walled Garden, each venue offers its own distinct atmosphere and charm.

  4. Professional Service: The dedicated and experienced team at Wasing Park ensures that every aspect of the dining experience is flawlessly executed. From seamless table service to attentive waitstaff, guests can relax and enjoy the festivities while the team provides exceptional hospitality.

  5. Additional Dining Experiences: In addition to the wedding reception, Wasing Park offers a range of dining experiences for couples and their guests. From relaxed barbecues and outdoor picnics to elegant rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches, these additional options allow couples to extend their wedding celebration and create unforgettable memories.

With its commitment to culinary excellence, attention to detail, and picturesque settings, Wasing Park provides couples with an exceptional catering and dining experience on their special day. From bespoke menus to stunning venues and professional service, this countryside estate offers everything needed to make every couple's dream wedding a reality.

Catering Highlights
- Tailored menus reflecting individual preferences
- Emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients
- Various versatile dining spaces
- Exceptional hospitality and professional service
- Additional dining experiences available

Wedding Planning Services at Wasing Park

Wasing Park offers a comprehensive range of wedding planning services aimed at ensuring that your special day is executed flawlessly. With their dedicated team of experienced professionals, you can expect to receive personalized assistance and support throughout the planning process.

Venue Coordination

Wasing Park provides an experienced venue coordinator who will work closely with you to understand your vision and requirements. They will guide you through the various options available within the estate, helping you select the perfect location for your ceremony, reception, and any additional events. From picturesque outdoor settings to stunning indoor spaces, Wasing Park has something to suit every couple's unique style.

Menu Planning and Catering

The culinary experience at Wasing Park is truly exceptional. Their team of expert chefs takes pride in creating delectable, bespoke menus using locally sourced produce. Whether you have specific dietary requirements or simply want to indulge in a sumptuous feast, their dedicated event planner will work with you to design a menu that perfectly complements your taste and preferences.

Vendor Recommendations

To make your wedding planning journey more seamless, Wasing Park offers a curated list of trusted vendors, including photographers, florists, stylists, and entertainment providers. These vendors have been carefully selected based on their professionalism, quality of service, and ability to elevate your wedding experience. With these recommendations, you can save time and feel confident in the expertise these vendors bring to your special day.

On the Day Coordination

Wasing Park understands the importance of being fully present on your wedding day. That's why their wedding planning services extend to on-the-day coordination. Their experienced team will be on hand to ensure that every detail is executed to perfection, leaving you free to relax and enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

Accommodation and Guest Services

With a variety of accommodations available on the estate, Wasing Park can comfortably host you and your guests throughout your wedding celebrations. From luxurious suites to charming cottages, there is an option to suit every need. Their dedicated guest services team will assist with coordinating accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay for all.

Additional Services

In addition to the core wedding planning services, Wasing Park offers a range of optional enhancements to elevate your wedding experience. These can include anything from fireworks displays and cocktail bars to live music performances and spa treatments. The team is committed to bringing your vision to life, making your wedding day a truly unforgettable occasion.

Wasing Park's wedding planning services encompass all the crucial elements necessary for a dream wedding. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can trust that your wedding day will exceed your expectations in every way.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Options

Finding the perfect outdoor setting for your wedding ceremony is crucial to creating a truly magical and unforgettable event. At Wasing Park, you will be spoilt for choice with their stunning outdoor options that perfectly blend natural beauty and timeless elegance.

  1. The Secret Walled Garden: Nestled within the grounds of Wasing Park, the Secret Walled Garden is a picturesque and secluded spot for your outdoor wedding ceremony. With its manicured lawns, vibrant flower borders, and enchanting arched doorway, this hidden gem provides a romantic and intimate setting for exchanging vows.

  2. The Terrace: Overlooking the scenic Wasing Park Estate, the Terrace offers breathtaking views that serve as a breathtaking backdrop for your outdoor wedding ceremony. With ample space for your guests, this open-air setting allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while declaring your love.

  3. The Woodland Glade: For couples seeking a more whimsical and rustic ambiance, the Woodland Glade is the perfect choice. Surrounded by a canopy of majestic trees, this enchanting location offers a sense of tranquility and seclusion. Imagine saying your vows amidst dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves.

  4. The Victorian Summerhouse: Step back in time and add a touch of vintage charm to your wedding ceremony at the Victorian Summerhouse. With its ornate ironwork, striking architecture, and idyllic location by the lake, this unique setting brings a sense of elegance and nostalgia to your special day.

No matter which outdoor option you choose, Wasing Park provides professional event coordination to ensure everything runs smoothly. Their dedicated team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, whether it's a romantic garden wedding or a rustic woodland celebration.

In addition, each outdoor ceremony location is conveniently situated near the reception areas, allowing a seamless transition from vows to celebrations. This means you can spend more time enjoying the day with your loved ones and less time worrying about logistics.

When it comes to creating lifelong memories, the choice of an outdoor wedding ceremony at Wasing Park is a decision you won't regret. With their stunning venues and impeccable service, they provide the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.

Indoor Wedding Reception Spaces

At Wasing Park, couples seeking a picturesque countryside estate for their dream wedding can find a range of stunning indoor wedding reception spaces to create the perfect ambiance for their special day.

The Castle Barn

One of the most popular options for indoor wedding receptions at Wasing Park is The Castle Barn, a charming and rustic space that can accommodate up to 140 guests. With its exposed beams, beautiful chandeliers, and natural stone walls, The Castle Barn creates an elegant and romantic atmosphere for a memorable reception. The barn also features floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing plenty of natural light to flood in during the daytime, while offering stunning views of the starry sky at night.

The Garden Room

For a more contemporary setting, couples can opt for The Garden Room, a modern and versatile space that can host up to 150 guests. This light and airy room is adorned with large windows, creating a seamless connection between the indoor space and the surrounding gardens. The Garden Room opens onto a private courtyard, providing an inviting outdoor area for guests to relax and mingle.

The Parish Hall

Those searching for a more intimate setting will appreciate The Parish Hall, capable of accommodating up to 60 guests. This charming and characterful space features wooden beams, stained glass windows, and a cozy fireplace, adding a touch of warmth and intimacy to the ambience. Its classic and timeless design offers an ideal backdrop for an intimate receptions or as an additional space for pre-wedding rituals or a post-ceremony drinks reception.

The Stables

Another unique option at Wasing Park is The Stables, a beautifully converted barn that can accommodate up to 100 guests. With its rustic charm and stylish décor, this space offers a versatile backdrop for couples to personalize and create their dream reception. The Stables opens onto a private courtyard, perfect for al fresco dining or as a reception area for guests to enjoy the outdoors.

Overall, Wasing Park provides a range of stunning indoor wedding reception spaces to suit every couple's taste and style. Whether it's a rustic barn, a contemporary room, an intimate hall, or a converted stable, couples can find their perfect setting to celebrate their special day at this idyllic countryside estate.

Additional Amenities and Activities

Wasing Park offers more than just a picturesque setting for your dream wedding. This stunning countryside estate provides a range of additional amenities and activities for you and your guests to enjoy throughout your stay. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or a little bit of both, Wasing Park has something for everyone.

1. Accommodation: Wasing Park boasts luxurious on-site accommodation options that will impress even the most discerning guests. From stylish cottages to charming barn conversions, each accommodation unit is beautifully furnished and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. With a total of XX rooms available, there's plenty of space for you and your guests to unwind and make yourselves at home.

2. Spa and Wellness: For those in need of some pampering, the estate's spa and wellness facilities are perfect for rejuvenation and relaxation. Treat yourself to a soothing massage, indulge in a rejuvenating facial, or simply unwind in the tranquil atmosphere. The skilled therapists at Wasing Park provide a range of treatments designed to melt away stress and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

3. Outdoor Activities: Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by the array of outdoor activities available at Wasing Park. Explore the estate's expansive grounds through scenic walks and hikes, meander along picturesque trails, or try your hand at archery or clay pigeon shooting. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the estate and take in the serene surroundings while engaging in thrilling outdoor pursuits.

4. Local Attractions: Wasing Park is ideally located near several notable attractions. Take a short trip to visit historical landmarks, charming villages, or nearby cities for a day of exploration. Discover centuries-old castles, indulge in local cuisine at quaint pubs, or immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of nearby towns. With so much to see and do in the surrounding area, your time at Wasing Park is sure to be filled with memorable experiences.

5. Gourmet Dining: Indulge in exquisite dining experiences at the estate's renowned restaurants. From intimate candlelit dinners to grand banquets, the talented chefs at Wasing Park create culinary masterpieces using locally sourced ingredients. With a focus on seasonality and quality, the menus are thoughtfully designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Whether you're hosting a rehearsal dinner or enjoying a leisurely meal with loved ones, the dining options at Wasing Park will leave you with a taste sensation.

Wasing Park goes above and beyond to ensure that your wedding experience extends beyond the ceremony itself. With a range of amenities and activities that cater to different interests, you and your guests are guaranteed a truly unforgettable stay.


With its picturesque landscape, elegant venues, and exceptional service, Wasing Park is the ideal destination for couples seeking a dream wedding in the English countryside. This stunning countryside estate offers everything needed to create an unforgettable and magical celebration of love.

  1. Breathtaking beauty: Set amidst 4,000 acres of rolling Berkshire parkland, Wasing Park provides a truly enchanting backdrop for your special day. From manicured gardens to picturesque woodland areas, this venue offers a variety of stunning locations for ceremonies, receptions, and photographs.

  2. Exquisite venues: Wasing Park boasts a range of unique and versatile venues, ensuring that each couple finds the perfect setting to reflect their style and vision. From the historic Parish Church, nestled within the estate, to the contemporary Garden Room and elegant Castle Barn, there is a venue to suit every taste and size of celebration.

  3. Unrivaled professional service: The dedicated team at Wasing Park is committed to making your wedding day truly unforgettable. From the initial planning stages to the seamless execution of your event, their experienced wedding coordinators will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that every detail is meticulously attended to.

  4. Luxurious accommodations: Wasing Park offers a range of luxurious onsite accommodation options, allowing your wedding party to stay together and continue the celebrations. From the beautifully restored Stables Lodge to the romantic Honeymoon Cottage, a comfortable and relaxing stay is guaranteed for you and your guests.

  5. Tailored experiences: Wasing Park understands that every wedding is unique, and they take pride in offering a personalized experience for each couple. From customized menus prepared by talented chefs using locally sourced ingredients, to bespoke entertainment options, every aspect of your wedding can be tailored to create a truly unforgettable celebration.

In conclusion, Wasing Park offers a truly exceptional countryside estate that is the perfect venue for your dream wedding. From its stunning location to its exceptional service and array of beautiful venues, couples can be assured of an unforgettable celebration that surpasses their expectations. So let your love story unfold in the picturesque surroundings of Wasing Park, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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