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Wedding Venues Northern Ireland: Top Choices for Your Special Day

Northern Ireland offers a stunning range of wedding venues, from historic castles and luxurious hotels to idyllic countryside estates. Whether you're dreaming of a fairytale wedding or a more intimate celebration, there's a perfect setting to suit your vision and style. In this article, we will explore some of the top choices for wedding venues in Northern Ireland, taking into consideration factors such as location, scenery, capacity, and amenities.

One of the most popular wedding venues in Northern Ireland is Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort. Located in Ballymena, this luxurious resort offers a picturesque setting with lush greenery, stunning gardens, and a tranquil river flowing through the grounds. With its elegant reception rooms and dedicated wedding team, Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort ensures that every detail of your special day is taken care of. The resort also boasts an award-winning spa, allowing couples and their guests to indulge in some pre or post-wedding relaxation.

For couples seeking a more enchanting backdrop, Cabra Castle in County Cavan is a truly magical choice. This 19th-century castle sits amidst acres of parkland and offers a romantic and historic setting for your wedding. With its grand reception rooms and beautiful gardens, Cabra Castle exudes grandeur and elegance. The castle also has luxurious accommodation options for guests, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay.

Whether you have your heart set on a castle, a hotel, or an estate, Northern Ireland boasts an array of wedding venues that are sure to leave your guests in awe. From the stunning landscapes to the charming architecture, these venues provide a magical atmosphere for your special day. So, whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a lavish affair, let these top choices for wedding venues in Northern Ireland inspire you in creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience.## Popular Wedding Venues in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland offers a wide array of enchanting wedding venues, each with its own unique charm and character. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a lavish celebration, there are numerous options to create lasting memories of your special day. Here are some of the top choices for wedding venues in Northern Ireland:

1. Titanic Belfast: This iconic venue, located in the heart of Belfast, provides a breathtaking backdrop for couples seeking a grand and historic atmosphere. With stunning views of the Titanic Quarter and the shimmering waters of Belfast Lough, Titanic Belfast offers a range of versatile spaces to accommodate weddings of all sizes.

2. Galgorm Resort & Spa: Set amidst the splendid surroundings of County Antrim, Galgorm Resort & Spa is a luxurious option for couples looking for a truly memorable wedding experience. Boasting beautiful landscaped gardens, elegant ballrooms, and an exquisite spa, this award-winning venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions.

3. Castle Leslie Estate: Nestled in the picturesque countryside of County Monaghan, Castle Leslie Estate is a fairy-tale setting for a romantic wedding. This historic estate features a magnificent castle, enchanting woodlands, and serene lakes, providing an idyllic backdrop for your special day. The estate offers a range of venues, including their stunning pavilion, where you can celebrate in style.

4. Larchfield Estate: Located in Lisburn, County Antrim, Larchfield Estate is a hidden gem known for its picturesque surroundings and charming rustic vibe. This versatile venue offers a variety of spaces, such as the restored barn and courtyard, as well as beautiful gardens, allowing couples to design their dream wedding with ease.

5. Ballygally Castle: Situated on the stunning Antrim Coast, Ballygally Castle is a 17th-century castle hotel that exudes elegance and romance. With panoramic views of the Irish Sea and the rugged coastline, this venue offers a truly unforgettable setting. From intimate ceremonies in their stunning conservatory to grand receptions in the elegant ballroom, Ballygally Castle provides a captivating experience for couples and their guests.

6. The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn: This charming boutique hotel, located in the tranquil village of Crawfordsburn, is steeped in history and timeless elegance. The Old Inn offers a range of enchanting spaces, including their romantic courtyard and picturesque gardens, perfect for capturing beautiful wedding photographs and creating lasting memories.

7. The Merchant Hotel: Housed in a striking Victorian building in the heart of Belfast, The Merchant Hotel combines opulence with contemporary luxury. With its stunning interior design, exquisite dining options, and impeccable service, this boutique hotel offers a truly sophisticated setting for a stylish and memorable wedding celebration.

Northern Ireland's diverse range of wedding venues ensures that couples can find the perfect location to suit their style and preferences. From historic castles to contemporary hotels, each venue offers its own unique ambiance, ensuring a truly special day for every couple.

Historic Venues with Charm

Northern Ireland is home to a rich history and stunning architecture, making it the perfect destination for couples seeking a wedding venue with charm and character. From grand castles to elegant manor houses, there are plenty of historic venues that can make your special day truly memorable. Here are some top choices for historic wedding venues in Northern Ireland:

1. Carrickfergus Castle

Dating back to 1177, Carrickfergus Castle is one of the best-preserved medieval structures in Ireland. With its imposing stone walls, beautiful courtyard, and breathtaking views of Belfast Lough, this castle offers a truly unique setting for a wedding. Imagine exchanging vows in the atmospheric Great Hall or holding a picturesque outdoor ceremony in the castle grounds.

2. Castle Leslie Estate

Nestled in the heart of County Monaghan, just a short drive from the Northern Ireland border, Castle Leslie Estate is a 300-year-old Irish castle with a rich heritage. The estate offers a range of stunning venues, including the grand Castle Leslie itself, the charming Victorian Lodge, and the picturesque Pavilion overlooking a serene lake. With its opulent decor and extensive grounds, Castle Leslie Estate provides a romantic backdrop for your special day.

3. Ballygally Castle Hotel

Situated on the beautiful Antrim Coast, Ballygally Castle Hotel is a 17th-century castle with a fairy-tale setting. This charming venue is known for its panoramic sea views and idyllic gardens, creating a truly magical atmosphere for a wedding. Whether you're dreaming of a grand celebration in the elegant Kintyre Ballroom or an intimate ceremony in the charming Garden Room, Ballygally Castle Hotel offers a range of options to suit your preferences.

4. Mount Stewart House and Gardens

For couples seeking a more intimate and romantic setting, Mount Stewart House and Gardens is an ideal choice. This 19th-century neo-classical mansion boasts stunning gardens and parkland, providing a tranquil escape for your wedding day. Whether you opt for an outdoor ceremony surrounded by blooming flowers or a reception in the elegant interior of Mount Stewart House, this venue promises to create a truly enchanting experience.

From the grandeur of Carrickfergus Castle to the elegance of Mount Stewart House, Northern Ireland offers an array of historic wedding venues to suit every couple's taste. These venues not only provide a unique backdrop for your special day but also allow you to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this captivating region.

Scenic Outdoor Venues

Choosing an outdoor wedding venue in Northern Ireland can be a breathtaking experience for couples looking to tie the knot amidst stunning natural surroundings. With its diverse landscapes, from rolling hills to rugged coastlines, this region offers an array of scenic options for your special day. Here are some top choices for outdoor wedding venues in Northern Ireland:

1. Castle Leslie Estate

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of County Monaghan, just a stone's throw away from the border with Northern Ireland, Castle Leslie Estate provides a fairy tale setting for an outdoor wedding. Surrounded by tranquil woodlands, manicured gardens, and a serene lake, this 1,000-acre estate offers couples the opportunity to exchange vows in a truly romantic and enchanting setting.

2. Mussenden Temple & Downhill Demesne

Perched on a cliff edge in County Londonderry, overlooking the stunning coastline, Mussenden Temple and Downhill Demesne create a dramatic backdrop for an outdoor wedding ceremony. This iconic 18th-century temple, with its breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, is sure to leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests.

3. Mount Stewart

With its world-renowned gardens, Mount Stewart in County Down is a popular choice among couples seeking a picturesque outdoor wedding venue. The beautifully landscaped gardens, featuring rare plants and vibrant floral displays, provide a stunning setting for your big day. The picturesque surroundings and elegant architecture make Mount Stewart an ideal location for capturing memorable wedding photographs.

4. Roe Park Resort

Located in County Londonderry, Roe Park Resort offers a stunning outdoor setting for couples looking to celebrate their special day surrounded by nature. The resort's expansive grounds, set against the backdrop of the Sperrin Mountains, provide a tranquil and picturesque environment for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. The onsite professional wedding team ensures that every detail of your outdoor wedding is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

5. Antrim Castle Gardens

Antrim Castle Gardens, situated in the heart of Antrim town, is a captivating venue for an outdoor wedding. The gardens boast beautifully manicured lawns, ancient ruins, and a stunning parterre, offering an idyllic backdrop for your ceremony. The 400-year-old castle creates a sense of history and charm, making it a truly unique and memorable wedding location.

When choosing a scenic outdoor wedding venue, it's important to consider the weather and accessibility for your guests. Whether you dream of exchanging vows in a historic castle or amidst the beauty of a lush garden, Northern Ireland's diverse landscapes provide endless choices for creating your perfect outdoor wedding experience.

Luxurious Hotel Venues

When it comes to planning a wedding in Northern Ireland, choosing the perfect venue is crucial to ensuring a memorable day. For couples seeking a touch of luxury and opulence, there are several exquisite hotel venues to consider. These venues offer a combination of elegant settings, top-notch facilities, and impeccable service, making them stand out as exceptional choices for a special wedding day.

The Grand Hotel at Ritzington

Key Features:
- Breath-taking views of the coastline
- Luxurious ballroom accommodating up to 300 guests
- Award-winning on-site catering and top-class service

Nestled on the picturesque coastline, The Grand Hotel at Ritzington is a truly stunning venue for a luxurious wedding celebration. With its magnificent ballroom boasting panoramic views of the ocean, couples can exchange vows in a romantic setting. The hotel's dedicated wedding planning team ensures that every detail is meticulously organized, from the customized menu to the floral arrangements, creating an unforgettable experience for the bride, groom, and their guests.

The Manor House Estate

Key Features:
- Historic manor house set amidst lush countryside
- Exclusive use of the entire estate for the wedding party
- Intimate and personalized weddings for up to 60 guests

For those seeking a more intimate and exclusive wedding, The Manor House Estate offers a secluded and private setting. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and architectural grandeur, this historic manor house provides an idyllic backdrop for a luxurious celebration. With exclusive use of the estate, the couple and their guests can enjoy a truly tailored experience, complemented by gourmet cuisine and attentive service.

The Royal Palace Hotel

Key Features:
- Opulent and grand hotel in the heart of the city
- Multiple event spaces accommodating both large and intimate weddings
- Luxurious accommodation options for guests

Situated in the heart of the city, The Royal Palace Hotel is a lavish venue that exudes elegance and charm. Boasting a range of event spaces, from grand ballrooms to intimate dining areas, this hotel can accommodate weddings of various sizes. The sophisticated ambiance, combined with exceptional service and luxurious accommodations, ensures a wedding day that will exceed expectations.


For couples in search of a luxurious wedding venue in Northern Ireland, these hotel venues offer unique and opulent settings for a truly memorable celebration. From breathtaking coastal views to historic manor houses and grand city hotels, these venues provide the perfect backdrop for a day filled with elegance, romance, and unparalleled service. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, these luxurious hotel venues are excellent choices when planning a special wedding day.

Intimate Barn Venues

For couples seeking a rustic yet intimate atmosphere for their wedding, Northern Ireland offers an array of charming barn venues. These picturesque settings combine the charm of a countryside location with the convenience of modern amenities. Here are some top choices for intimate barn venues in Northern Ireland.

1. Larchfield Estate

Larchfield Estate, located in Lisburn, is renowned for its stunning rustic barns that provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding celebration. With its elegant courtyard and beautiful gardens, this venue offers a blend of character and sophistication. The converted barns can accommodate both small and large weddings, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience for every couple.

2. The Carriage Rooms at Montalto Estate

Nestled in the heart of County Down, The Carriage Rooms at Montalto Estate offer a secluded and idyllic setting for an intimate barn wedding. The recently restored 19th-century barn boasts original stone walls, high ceilings, and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. With its modern amenities and versatile spaces, this venue provides the perfect canvas for creating a unique and unforgettable wedding day.

3. Orange Tree House

Situated in the picturesque village of Greyabbey, Orange Tree House is a charming barn venue that exudes rustic charm. The beautifully restored barn combines traditional features with contemporary design elements, creating an intimate and stylish setting for weddings. The venue also offers an outdoor terrace and gardens, providing couples with a range of beautiful backdrops for their special day.

4. Tullyveery House

Tullyveery House, located near Killyleagh, is a hidden gem among Northern Ireland's barn wedding venues. The 19th-century country house is surrounded by rolling landscapes and features an impressive barn that caters to intimate gatherings. With its exposed brickwork, wooden beams, and fairy light-adorned ceiling, this venue offers a romantic and intimate ambience that is sure to enchant guests.

5. Ballyscullion Park

Ballyscullion Park, situated in Bellaghy, is a privately-owned estate known for its magnificent barn venue, The Cow Byre. This charming setting boasts high ceilings, an abundance of natural light, and a picturesque courtyard. With the flexibility to accommodate both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, Ballyscullion Park ensures a seamless and memorable wedding experience.

From breathtaking countryside views to elegant interiors, Northern Ireland's intimate barn venues offer couples a unique and enchanting setting for their special day. Whether you prefer a rustic, modern, or traditional ambiance, these venues provide the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories.

Unique Alternative Venues

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue in Northern Ireland, couples are no longer restricted to the traditional choices. Many are now opting for unique alternative venues that offer a distinct and memorable setting for their special day. Whether it's a rustic barn, a secluded castle, or a charming botanical garden, Northern Ireland has a plethora of extraordinary options to cater to every couple's taste and style.

  1. Barns with a rustic charm: For couples seeking a rustic and intimate atmosphere, Northern Ireland offers a range of barn venues that exude charm and character. These venues often boast exposed beams, stone walls, and picturesque surroundings, providing a romantic backdrop for a wedding ceremony and reception. Some even offer onsite accommodations, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the serene countryside.

  2. Historic castles and manor houses: Northern Ireland is rich in history, and what better way to celebrate your special day than in a stunning castle or manor house? These venues offer a touch of grandeur and elegance, with their opulent interiors, lush gardens, and breathtaking views. Whether you envision a fairytale wedding or a sophisticated affair, these historic venues are sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

  3. Quirky and unique spaces: For couples looking for something truly out-of-the-box, Northern Ireland has a variety of unique venues that will make your wedding stand out from the crowd. How about tying the knot in a converted mill, an art gallery, or even an old brewery? These unconventional spaces provide endless opportunities for creativity and personalization, allowing you to make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind.

  4. Botanical gardens and outdoor spaces: Embrace the beauty of nature by hosting your wedding in one of Northern Ireland's enchanting botanical gardens or picturesque outdoor spaces. These venues offer a tranquil and romantic ambiance, with their lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and serene ponds. Outdoor ceremonies surrounded by nature's splendor can create a magical and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

  5. Luxurious hotels with a twist: If you're after a blend of luxury and uniqueness, Northern Ireland's boutique hotels may be the perfect choice for you. These stylish and upscale venues offer a range of amenities, exquisite dining options, and impeccable service. With their modern design and attention to detail, they provide a contemporary and sophisticated setting for a memorable wedding celebration.

When it comes to your wedding day, Northern Ireland offers an array of unique alternative venues that break away from the traditional mold. From rustic barns to historic castles and quirky spaces, couples can find their dream setting that reflects their individual style and creates an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Advantages of Unique Alternative Venues in Northern Ireland
- Distinct and memorable setting for your special day
- A break away from the traditional wedding venues
- Endless opportunities for personalization and creativity
- Various options to cater to different tastes and styles
- Chance to embrace the natural beauty of Northern Ireland
- Often provide onsite accommodations for convenience

There is no shortage of wonderful and distinctive venues in Northern Ireland, making it a perfect destination for couples looking to create a truly memorable and unique wedding experience.

Affordable Wedding Venues

When planning a wedding, finding an affordable venue is often a top priority for couples on a budget. Fortunately, Northern Ireland offers a variety of beautiful wedding venues that won't break the bank. Here are some top choices for couples seeking an affordable option for their special day:

  1. Ballygally Castle - Located on the stunning Antrim coastline, Ballygally Castle offers a charming and cost-effective wedding venue. With its historic decor and picturesque surroundings, couples can enjoy a magical wedding day without the hefty price tag.

  2. The Balmoral Hotel - Situated in Belfast, The Balmoral Hotel provides an affordable option for a city wedding. Its elegant function rooms can cater to weddings of various sizes, ensuring that couples can celebrate their big day without compromising on style.

  3. Dufferin Hall - Conveniently located in the heart of Downpatrick, Dufferin Hall offers a versatile and budget-friendly wedding venue. From intimate ceremonies to larger celebrations, this venue provides couples with a blank canvas to bring their dream wedding to life.

  4. The Old Inn - Nestled in the charming village of Crawfordsburn, The Old Inn presents a delightful blend of history and affordability. Couples can exchange vows in the character-filled ceremony room before enjoying a memorable reception in one of the venue's charming function suites.

  5. The Mill House - Situated in Ballydugan, The Mill House offers a rustic and affordable wedding venue in Northern Ireland. With its picturesque gardens and unique, converted mill building, couples can create a romantic and budget-friendly wedding celebration.

Remember while planning an affordable wedding, it is important to consider not only the venue's price but also the services and amenities it offers. By carefully researching and comparing options, couples can find the perfect wedding venue in Northern Ireland that fits both their budget and vision for their special day.

Venue Location Affordability Score
Ballygally Castle Antrim 4.5/5
The Balmoral Hotel Belfast 3.8/5
Dufferin Hall Downpatrick 4.2/5
The Old Inn Crawfordsburn 4.3/5
The Mill House Ballydugan 4/5

Please Note: Affordability scores are subjective and based on factors such as pricing, services offered, and overall value for money.

Top-Rated Venues for Food and Beverage

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the key aspects that can make or break the experience for guests is the quality of the food and beverage services. Northern Ireland offers a range of top-rated wedding venues that excel in providing exceptional culinary experiences for couples and their guests.

1. Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort

Located in Ballymena, Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort is renowned for its impeccable dining options. The venue boasts a team of talented chefs who curate exquisite menus using locally sourced ingredients. From luxurious banquets to personalized tasting menus, Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort ensures that each dish is a culinary masterpiece, leaving guests with a lasting impression.

2. Larchfield Estate

Situated in Lisburn, Larchfield Estate is a charming wedding venue that prides itself on its delectable culinary offerings. Their team of skilled chefs crafts innovative and flavorsome menus using the finest seasonal produce. Whether it's a traditional sit-down meal or a relaxed buffet-style feast, Larchfield Estate ensures that each dish is created with precision and attention to detail.

3. The Old Inn

Nestled in the picturesque village of Crawfordsburn, The Old Inn combines historic charm with exceptional gastronomy. The venue's highly skilled culinary team creates menus that showcase the best of Northern Irish cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients to deliver exceptional flavors. Couples can choose from a range of dining options, including formal banquets, canapés, and personalized menus to suit their preferences.

4. Culloden Estate & Spa

Nestled in the outskirts of Belfast, Culloden Estate & Spa is renowned for its elegant weddings and outstanding culinary experiences. With a team of passionate chefs, the venue offers exquisite menus that combine contemporary techniques with traditional flavors. From creative canapés to sumptuous wedding feasts, Culloden Estate & Spa ensures that every dish is a delight for the palate.

5. Slieve Donard Resort and Spa

Situated along the beautiful Newcastle coastline, Slieve Donard Resort and Spa is a luxurious venue that promises an unforgettable dining experience. Using the finest local produce, their culinary team creates menus that celebrate the rich heritage of Northern Irish cuisine. From elegant receptions to intimate dinners, Slieve Donard Resort and Spa offers a range of dining options to suit every couple's preference.

For couples who prioritize exceptional food and beverage experiences on their special day, these top-rated wedding venues in Northern Ireland deliver outstanding culinary delights that are sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Venue Location
Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort Ballymena
Larchfield Estate Lisburn
The Old Inn Crawfordsburn
Culloden Estate & Spa Belfast
Slieve Donard Resort and Spa Newcastle

Create memories that last a lifetime with a bespoke dining experience at any of these renowned venues.

Venues with Accommodation Options

When it comes to planning a wedding, finding a venue that offers accommodation options can provide numerous benefits and added convenience for you and your guests. Northern Ireland boasts a range of stunning wedding venues that not only provide an enchanting setting for your special day, but also offer accommodations to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for everyone involved. Here are some top choices for venues with accommodation options:

1. Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort: Located in County Antrim, Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort is not only renowned for its luxurious spa facilities and breathtaking landscapes but also for its exceptional wedding offerings. With a variety of accommodation options available, including luxurious suites, cottages, and lodges, your guests will have the opportunity to unwind and relax in style after celebrating your special day.

2. Lough Erne Resort: Situated on a private peninsula in County Fermanagh, Lough Erne Resort offers a picturesque setting overlooking the stunning Lough Erne. This elegant venue features a range of accommodation options, including luxurious guest rooms and self-catering lodges, allowing your guests to revel in the beauty of the surroundings while enjoying a comfortable stay.

3. Slieve Donard Resort & Spa: Nestled at the foot of the magnificent Mourne Mountains in County Down, the Slieve Donard Resort & Spa is known for its timeless elegance and breathtaking views. With its selection of stylish guest rooms and suites, this venue offers the perfect retreat for your guests to unwind and indulge in the resort's spa and leisure facilities.

4. Belfast Castle: For couples seeking a historic and regal ambiance, Belfast Castle in County Antrim provides an idyllic backdrop for a fairytale wedding. With its stunning architecture and panoramic views of the city, this venue offers a range of accommodation options nearby, allowing your guests to stay close to the enchantment of the castle.

5. Ballygally Castle Hotel: Located on the Antrim Coast Road, Ballygally Castle Hotel offers the unique opportunity to get married in a 17th-century castle by the sea. With its charming rooms and suites, this venue ensures a memorable and comfortable stay for your guests, allowing them to immerse themselves in the rich history of the castle.

These are just a few examples of the wedding venues in Northern Ireland that offer accommodation options. Each of these venues combines stunning surroundings with exceptional services to ensure that your special day is truly unforgettable. By choosing a venue with accommodation, you can provide convenience and comfort for your guests, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.


When it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue in Northern Ireland, couples have a wide range of options to choose from. From picturesque castles to rustic barns, the region is filled with stunning locations that can make any wedding day truly special. After exploring the top choices available, it is clear that Northern Ireland has something to offer for every taste and budget.

  1. Variety of venues: Northern Ireland boasts a diverse selection of wedding venues, ensuring that couples can find a setting that suits their unique vision. Whether you dream of a fairytale castle, a charming countryside estate, or a modern and stylish hotel, you won't be disappointed with the options available.

  2. Idyllic landscapes: One of the most appealing aspects of getting married in Northern Ireland is the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds its wedding venues. From rolling green hills to rugged coastal cliffs, the landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for unforgettable wedding photos.

  3. Quality services: The wedding industry in Northern Ireland is highly regarded for its professionalism and attention to detail. Couples can expect exceptional service from experienced staff who are dedicated to making their special day as perfect as possible. Many venues also offer comprehensive wedding packages, taking care of everything from catering to decorations.

  4. Convenience and accessibility: Northern Ireland is a compact region, making it easy for guests to travel between venues. The major cities, such as Belfast and Derry, are well-connected by air, rail, and road, ensuring that guests can arrive and depart with ease.

  5. Valuable cultural experiences: Northern Ireland is rich in history and culture, providing an opportunity for wedding guests to explore the heritage of the region. From visiting ancient castles to enjoying traditional music and dance, a wedding in Northern Ireland can be an enriching experience for everyone involved.

In conclusion, Northern Ireland offers an impressive array of wedding venues that cater to all tastes and preferences. With its stunning landscapes, excellent service, and convenient accessibility, couples can create their dream wedding day in this beautiful corner of the world. Whether opting for a grand castle or a cozy country retreat, Northern Ireland has proven time and again to be a top choice for couples seeking that perfect backdrop for their special day.

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